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An Fara Shirye-Shiryen Ashura A Husainiyar Hauzar Baqirul Ulum

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An gama dukkanin shirye-shiryen tarbar watan Muharram, watan da jini ya yi nasara a kan takobi, watan da jikan Manzon Allah (s) Imam Husaini (a.s) da iyalansa da sahabbansa suka sadaukar da rayukansu waje kare addinin Musulunci daga kokarin gurbata shi da Banu Umayya suka yi, a Husainiyar Hauzar Bakirul Ulum da ke Dambare.

Kamar yadda aka saba kowace shekara, an lullube Husainiyar da bangarori daban-daban na makarantar da ke nuni da alamar shigowar watan na Muharram.

Ga wasu daga cikin hotunan 'yan'uwa a lokacin da suke gudanar da ayyukan sanya bakaken kyalle a Husainiyar:







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