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Hotunan Maulidin Annabi (s) Na Cibiyar RAAF A Garin Kaduna

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Kamar yadda ta saba, Mu'assasar Rasulul A'azam da ke da helkwata a garin Kano, Nijeriya ta gudanar da bukukuwan maulidin Manzon Allah (s) a garin Kaduna  wanda ya sami halartar babban sakataren cibiyar Sheikh Saleh Muhammad Sani Zariya da kuma sauran al'ummar musulmi masoya Manzon Allah (s).

Ga wasu daga cikin hotunan bikin:





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    More questions about cellphone safety

    Are cellphones safe?That question has gotten a lot of attention, but so far, as my colleague pointed out on monday, there has been no convincing evidence that those ubiquitous devices actually cause health problems.However, a new federal study may stir things up further, even though the bottom line again is that it raises more questions than it answers.

    For the study, nora volkow of the national institutes of health and colleagues conducted pet scans on the brains of 47 subjects throughout 2009, as they randomly held phones up to their left or right ears for 50 minutes at a time, sometimes on but muted and other times off.

    Brain activity in the region closest to the antenna, an area known as the orbitofrontal cortex and temporal pole, was significantly higher about 7 percent more active when the phone was on, compared to when it was off, the researchers found. "These results provide evidence that the human brain is sensitive to the effects of.Acute cellphone exposures. "

    They add, however, that"These results provide no information as to their relevance regarding potential carcinogenic effects(Or lack of such effects)From chronic cellphone use.Further studies http://www.dimakh.com/?p=5865 are needed to assess if these effects could have potential long term harmful consequences. "

    The study was published in wednesday's issue of the journal of the american medical association.

    In an editorial accompanying the study, henry lai of the university of washington and lennart hardell of university hospital in orebro, sweden, said the http://interco.cfdt74.fr/at-the-cheap-michael-kors-bags-same-time/ meaning of the findings remains far from clear but"Warrant further investigation. "

    "An important question is whether glucose metabolism in the brain would be chronically increased from regular use of a wireless phone with higher radiofrequency energy than those used in the current study.Potential acute and chronic health effects need to be clarified.Much has to be done to further investigate and understand these effects,"They wrote.

    The findings may indicate that other changes in brain function occur from exposure to radiofrequency emissions, they said.

    "If so, this might have effects on other organs, leading to unwanted physiological responses.Further studies on biomarkers of functional brain changes from exposure to radiofrequency radiation are definitely warranted,"They wrote.Rats)Near the http://ekatdevelopment.com/object-michael-kors-online-outlet-worthy-of-designers/ powerful transmitters.But no one cared.Cell phones are known as flea power units, a fraction of a watt.So why should it be a surprise that the brain responds even with very, very low power?It may be true but it also is likely to be unimportant.If it is important, then over the air tv should also be looked at.It won't be.

    No absolute values for cerebral rates of glucose utilization are presented.Therefore, we cannot judge on potential whole brain changes.

    The findings only tell us that the energy metabolism in the brain may be http://www.lemontv.co/whatever-ralph-lauren-outlet-uk-reason/ increased.We are left to guess which cells increased glucose consumption.Nerve cell activation may not be involved at all.Under healthy physiological conditions, glucose metabolism does not rise to levels posing a health hazard.

    Sanders and joines found http://interco.cfdt74.fr/at-the-cheap-michael-kors-bags-same-time/ greatly increased atp depletion in rats dosed with microwaves at below fcc limits intensity(Sanders, a.P.Joines, w.T.The Effects of Hyperthermia and HyperthermiaPlus Microwaves on Rat Brain Energy Metabolism.Bioelectromagnetics, 1984, 5, 63 70. ).

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  • lancer

    Selling car brands in the uk

    We take a look http://www.zpnote.com/79.html at the uk's most popular four wheeled friends

    Assuming you're reading this in a uk town, city or suburb, take a minute to have a look at the cars on the street outside.Note cars in driveways, on the curb side, and those driving past.Go on, we'll wait here while you take a peek.

    The reason there's a good chance that those bullet points are true is because the uk car industry is http://m.ichengbei.com/?p=4534 overwhelmingly dominated by a clutch of well known brands, each with their own ubiquitous best selling models.

    The third bullet point is likely to be true because britain has been out of the domestically owned, mass market car game since 1994(When bmw put rover on a leash).These days, 'british car' means coach built enthusiast marques such as bristol, morgan, noble, or kit car http://www.infoapollonia.ro/muzica/the-ray-ban-aviators-uk-wild-shifted/ fave, caterham.

    Anyway, http://blog.indianseoservices.com/fossil-michael-kors-australia-white here's the list of the best selling car brands in the uk, with a little more information on each brand following on.

    Top selling car brands http://filmjetaime.com/room-cheap-ralph-lauren-branded/ in the uk 2008parent companyford motor companyuk car modelska, fiesta, fusion, focus, c max, mondeo, s max, kuga, galaxyuk car modelsagila, corsa, meriva, tigra, astra, zafira, insignia, antara, vxr8

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    Review of jillian michaels

    Want to get toned and sculpted buns and thighs?Jillian michaels's latest workout dvd, killer buns thighs, promises to blast the fat off your booty, and help you sculpt your lower body to rock those bikinis and skinny jeans!

    With the tough love motivational style she brought to the tv show the biggest loser, jillian michaels's latest workout video follows in the footsteps of her best selling videos 30 day shred, no more trouble zones, and banish fat boost metabolism, and ripped in 30.After the success of her ab shredding 6 week six pack, this http://vinhthaihung.com/softer-michael-kors-online-outlet-appearance/ workout is a worthy followup that targets the lower body.

    Overviewthe killer buns thighs dvd contains 3 workouts, from levels 1 to 3.Though jillian claims that these are 30 minute workouts, the 30 minute time seems to refer only to the main workout time, excluding warmup and cooldown.

    Jillian recommends that you start with the level 1 workout, progressing to the next level when you're ready.It is recommended that you work out 5 6 days a week.

    You'll need a mat and a set of http://www.hanaroobabywrap.com/star-and-michael-kors-satchels-skorpios-design/ hand weights for level 1.For levels 2 and 3, you'll need to add a chair as well.

    Level 1 overviewas in previous jillian michaels dvds, two trainers are in the background.You'll recognize them from the 30 day shred:Anita demonstrates the beginner modifications, while natalie demonstrates the advanced versions.

    Level 1 runs for 41 minutes, including warmup and cooldown.The http://tophoteli.info/will-michael-kors-australia-outlet-remain main workout(Excluding warmup and cooldown)Runs about 30 minutes.

    Warmup(Circuit performed twice)

    Jump rope

    Alternating deep lunges

    Alternating side lungespivoting crescent pose

    Lunge squat combo(Advanced exercisers may add hand weights)

    Calf raises(Advanced exercisers may http://www.mavihomes.com.au/stops-cheap-ralph-lauren-rihanna/ add hand weights)

    Sumo hops(Advanced exercisers may add hand weights)

    Single legged chair posemy review of killer buns thighs, level 1though 41 minutes seems pretty long for a workout, it flies right by, because jillian changes up the moves every 30 to 40 seconds.As each circuit consists of 5 moves and is performed twice, by the time you perform your second pass through the circuit, you've forgotten about the pain and suffering of the first pass.

    The single legged chair pose was brutal the few first days, so i"M glad i later improved at this move.

    Beware of the judo bridge moves they do strain on your lower back, and i pulled a hamstring doing these.

    While attempting the inner thigh leg lifts in side plank position, i mostly think about not falling!Just lifting up into side plank was considered a difficult move in 30 day shred, level 3.In this video, in comparison, staying up there and lifting up the lower leg at an unnatural angle is hell!

    During the leg lifts at 90 degrees, when jillian mentioned that she recalled doing this move as a kid while following her http://getaccreditedonlinedegree.com/american-christian-louboutin-sale/ mom's old workout videos, i knew exactly which one she was talking about crossovers, from the classic jane fonda workout book! (Been there, done that. )

    The final kick combos make me feel strong and athletic, as if these kicks could save my life!

    If you have knee or ankle issues, make sure to stick with the beginner modifications, as 41 minutes of squats, lunges, and high impact cardio could be too rough on previously injured joints.

    By the final circuit, sweat is dripping onto the ground.Still, it doesn't feel like the intense brutality of 30 day shred, level 3, as jillian dials down her workouts of this length to make sure we can push through to finish them.

    After about a week, the side of my butt did display the dent that she mentions that the fire hydrant move is supposed to build, and my thighs looked pretty muscular.After 10 days of level 1, my butt is definitely tighter and firmer.

    My review of killer buns thighs, level 2holy cow.

    That was one of the hardest workouts i've ever done.I think i might have pulled my left quad doing the flying pigeon(I'm icing it as i type this), and that was just the warmup.

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