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Hotunan Bikin Ghadir A Husainiyar Hauzar Baqirul Ulum

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Kamar yadda ta saba, Mu'assasar Rasulul A'azam da ke da helkwata a garin Kano, Nijeriya ta gudanar da bukukuwan Idin Ghadir, ranar da  Manzon Allah (s) ya nada da kuma zaban Amirul Muminin Ali bn Abi Talib (a.s) a matsayin halifa kuma imamanin musulmi a bayansa kai tsaye, a Husainiyar Makarantar Hauzar Baqirul Ulum da ke Dambare.

Taron dai ya sami halartar shugaban Mu'assasar Sheikh Muhammad Nur Dass, sakataren Mu'assasar Sheikh Saleh Muhammd Sani Zari'a da sauran muminai maza da mata da suka zo daga bangarori daban daban na Nijeriya bugu da kari kan daliban makarantar.

Sheikh Saleh Zariya ne ya gabatar da jawabi a wajen bikin.

Ga wasu daga cikin hotunan bikin:


















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  • kara

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    Civil rights lawyers filed papers in federal court monday seeking to prohibit the new york police department surveillance of muslim communities when there is no evidence that they are linked to terrorism or other illegal activities.The department demographics unit or zone assessment unit was put together with the cia help after the september 11, 2001, attacks.The unit has acknowledged that it engaged in monitoring that included muslim owned business and mosques across the new york region.

    Outrage is mounting in saudi arabia about the case of a 5 year old girl who died after allegedly being beaten and tortured by her father, who activists say is an islamist preacher.Activists say the girl father, fayhan al ghamdi is an islamist evangelist popular in saudi arabia for his televised appearances and for speaking on air about the rewards of repenting to god.But they also say he only fancies himself as a cleric and is not recognized by the clerical establishment.

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    A muslim college in the united states is the first of its kind, which mission is to join islamic scholarship with the western academic emphasis on free inquiry and developing critical intellectual capacities.Zaytuna college in berkeley california is a fledgling institution with only 31 students, operating out of space rented from a baptist seminary.

    Al jazeera rob reynolds reports from california.

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    The guardian:Justin welby confirmed as archbishop of canterbury

    A little after half past 12 on monday, justin portal welby stood beneath the dome of st paul cathedral and promised, with the help of god, to unity, peace, and love among all christian people, especially among those whom you serve twenty five minutes later, with the arcane and archaic legalities duly addressed, the final decree porrected and any opposition to the election declared contumacious, the 57 year old former oil executive was confirmed as the 105th archbishop of canterbury, in the presence of several senior bishops.

    Huffington post:Church of scientology super bowl ad raises eyebrows

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